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For Etimad to certify an entity Halal to the highest standards, every ingredient -and the way it is processed- must be Halal compliant. Below is a step-by-step overview of the certification process.

3 Steps to Etimad Halal certification:

1. Application

Your application form gives us a basic understanding of what type of business you're running. Whether you're a product manufacturer, a Food Service Provider, or a Catering company seeking to expand its reach to the Muslim community; please make sure to tell us if you have a current Halal or Kosher certification, in order to put you in touch with the appropriately experienced Halal Specialist (HS).

2. Consultations

An Etimad HS will be in touch with you to discuss mutual expectations with regards to Halal, options to proceed with your Halal certification process.


If your company has an existing Halal or Kosher certification, the HS can contact the issuing agency on your company's behalf to save you valuable time and speed up the process.


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3. Agreement

After the production facility has been accredited Halal; a contract will be drafted and sent to you. 


Details of the terms and conditions required to obtain and maintain your company's Halal certificate will be included in the agreement, along with the agreed-upon annual fee.




At this point, your company is ready to receive the Etimad Halal certificate, granting you the right to display our Halal symbol on your certified products and marketing material.


Your products are now certified Halal and can be enjoyed by Halal consumers around the world. 

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