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The Company

Etimad is Arabic for accreditation, certification, and reliance.

Since day one, we pride ourselves in our diverse team of professionals and experts which helped us reach the level of unique expertise we enjoy today.


At Etimad we work closely with major Halal & Kosher certification bodies in the United States and around the world to offer an added layer of quality assurance, while having your valuable time in consideration during the streamlining of the Halal certification process.


Our aim is to be the best, not the biggest! 


Etimad Halal proudly partners with over 130+ clients with products in major retail stores, universities, and airlines.

Diverse group trust concept and connected symbol as different diversity ropes tied and lin
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The Symbol

Our symbol entwines the traditional and the modern in its unique multicultural design.


The calligraphy used for the word Halal in Arabic allows it to resemble the letter H in English at the same time.

Today, Etimad's circle H Halal symbol is widely recognized and trusted by Muslim consumers around the globe.

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