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Behind the Symbol

The Etimad trademarked symbol of Halal quality appears on products and private labels worldwide. What does it stand for?

You deserve quality!

Our aim at Etimad is to provide Halal certification that adheres to the highest standards of Muslim dietary observance, while remaining cost-competitive.


Our approach is founded on a belief in shared values rather than differences. We are convinced that by fostering innovation and interfaith collaboration, we can elevate certification to a level that offers a competitive advantage in the ever-changing food and beverage industry.

Neighbours helping themselves to food at

Etimad enables your company to tap into the lucrative $3 billion global Halal market with our globally recognized brand, offering enhanced value to your products and instilling confidence and acceptance among Muslim consumers worldwide.


Our approach involves collaborative efforts with manufacturers and other certification bodies, resulting in a more efficient and precise assessment of the situation at hand. With this streamlined process, we ensure that your products meet the highest halal standards, making them more appealing to Muslim consumers in today's competitive market.

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